Co-Ordination in Human Body


he subject of this text is the cell, the building block of the human body and of every species of plants and animals. Most people would say that this topic belongs to the realm of biology or even chemistry, reasoning that any treatise about the human cell could only be a biology or a chemistry textbook. However, the book you hold in your hands is no textbook. Its aim is neither to increase your scientific knowledge, nor teach you biology in detail, because by itself, increased biological knowledge of the cell is of no benefit. And besides, most of the details are taught to students while at school-though most of them forget it all soon after, never to remember it again. Why? Because this type of biological information about the cell is presented to students in a completely wrong logical context.

In fact, young people are infected with this twisted logic right from the beginning of their lives. As soon as a young child starts to observe the world around him, he's amazed at everything he sees and begins to ask questions. Looking at the Sun, he is awestruck. "How," he asks, "can such a vast ball of fire can stay up there in space, just the right distance away to produce just enough heat and light for human beings on Earth? Who put the Sun there? And how? And why?"

But in response to this and other similar questions, the answer that the child will probably receive is, "The Sun is a perfectly normal star, and it's been there for billions of years. Moreover, nobody placed it there. It appeared by chance as a result of a big explosion that took place, and the Earth-again by coincidence-formed in just the right spot for human life to exist."

But if this same child was raised in a knowledgeable society possessed of a conscience, the answer he received would be quite different: "That the Sun gives us heat and light is a manifestation of God's endless knowledge and perfect creativity. If He had not willed the Sun to exist, we would not have been able to live our lives here on Earth. Had the Sun been either closer to, or further from, the Earth, we still couldn't exist. Just like everything else around us, the Sun is a miracle and a mercy from God. It should be a means for us to remember Him and to thank Him continuously."

But as mentioned before, the child seldom gets this kind of response and his curiosity is put to sleep with strictly "scientific" logic. Meeting with this type of answer to his every question, finally he learns not to be amazed at anything and to overlook the extraordinariness of all things. When he first eats a tasty apple, he asks, "How is it that trees present such beautiful and beneficial things to man?" In all probability he will receive the same predictable answer: "Trees have been producing fruit for millions of years. It's a natural process. There's nothing amazing about it."

The child who's been desensitized by the society he lives in obtains his real education at school. In general science first of all, he learns the scientific explanations behind all creatures and all events. Then, when he gets a bit older, physics, biology and chemistry lessons teach him about the workings of the human body or nature, but he is made to believe that all of this is just natural and not miraculous in any way. He is never allowed to ask the questions that need to be asked: How did all of this happen? What is the source of the intelligence behind it all? How could such a balance have come about?

He learns never to ask such questions. For example, he learns the biological details of how fruit develops on trees. He is loaded up with facts about photosynthesis and plant structure. But all the while, questions like the following are never asked or answered: "How could such a perfect nutrient, presented in the world's most beautiful package and so suitable to a person's taste and health, have come from inside a piece of wood?" "Isn't this a sign that the fruit has been especially created for man; and that both the tree and man have been created by the same possessor of intelligence?"

He is never asked to reflect on the purpose of created things. The only thing he does is to be given more and more information about the nature of these things. Dry facts and names do not benefit man in any way; nor do they have the slightest positive effect on his heart or his soul.

As a result of all this, the child loses his sensitivity and his awe toward the miracles in creation. He learns not to display amazement towards anything. He learns to be blind, while claiming that he sees. Finally he is ready to accept certain other ideas. And at this point, the last stop in his education, the theory of evolution finally arrives on the scene.

This desensitized young person has been blinded to all the miracles and extraordinary events surrounding him. Now he struggles to answer this one question: "How did all of these living things come into existence?" And so, the false savior of evolutionary theory comes to his aid. It presents to him in scientific guise such nonsense as the idea that everything came into being as a result of coincidence. And so, "enlightened" by this theory, this young person's heart becomes hardened and he becomes an unbeliever.

He will spend the rest of his life in pursuit of comfort, seeking only to satisfy his selfish desires, and eating and drinking without any reflection. This is because he has eradicated from his heart the last remains of his conscience that, up until now, has continued to make him uncomfortable. But when death comes upon him in this state, and he is thrown towards the Fire, he will beg to be returned to the Earth and become one of the believers. But he will be given the following reply:

... Did We not let you live long enough for anyone who was going to pay heed to pay heed? And did not the warner come to you? Taste it then! There is no helper for the wrongdoers. (Qur'an, 35:37)

And so, as mentioned in the verse above, it behooves man to reflect and take heed during the period of time given to him. It is not known when one's time will be up, nor is there a minute to lose. Man has been created in order to reflect upon how he and every thing around him have been created and, consequently, to know God and appreciate His power. This is the fundamental purpose of man's life in this world.

And this text's purpose is to aid in your reflection and guidance. As mentioned before, the dry facts learned at school numb the brain because this method stops one from asking questions that need to be asked. The following pages will analyze some of the technical details taught at school but at the same time, we are going to ask the necessary questions and search for the wisdom behind the events that are so dryly described.

efore examining the extraordinary human cell, it's a good idea to consider the faulty logic behind the theory of evolution. Like every long-standing deception, it has been carefully prepared, but within, it possesses discrepancies of logic. We can explain this mentality of evolutionary theory, composed of complete fraudulent and deceitful scenarios, with an analogy:

Consider a remote-controlled toy car. Assume that the person holding the remote control is hiding nearby. Another person observing this car will see its movements only, because he cannot perceive the remote control or whoever is controlling it. He watches the car performing quite intelligent feats, turning according to the path it's on and making apparently conscious movements.

At this point, if the observer's principle is to believe only what he perceives, then he will accept as real only the world he sees around him. He will reject the possibility of another location that he cannot see or that to which he has no access. He won't accept that there is an intelligent mind who he can't see or hear, and that the car moves under this person's command. And so, the person is left to think that the car gained its ability to move about in so intelligent a manner as a result of a series of coincidences-and he will then try to convince himself and everyone around him of this explanation.

His next step will be to develop fictitious theories under the guise of science to support this "belief," but which have no intelligent basis. With a little imagination, the problem is solved, however unlikely the whole scenario: The atoms that compose the car came together "coincidentally" to form this complex mechanical structure. As a result of their coming together accidentally and assembling into a complicated, functional structure, the car also "evolved" such abstract qualities as the ability to think, make decisions, and move about intelligently by itself. Thus is put forth a theory that explains the car.

In a short time, this "scientist" finds others who think like him. Together, they develop this theory further and establish a "forum" from which they propose a new branch of science. They then begin a scientific analysis of the car's movements and develop various formulas. How much does the car slow when it approaches a curve, and at what angle does it turn? Under what conditions does it speed up, and how fast does it go? Under what conditions does it slow down or stop? When does it reverse? They meticulously measure these and many other similar characteristics and make calculations. They then write a book detailing all these measurements and calculations.

But their actual problem lies in explaining how the car came to be able to carry out such perfect actions all by itself. And none of the analyses and research carried out by these so-called "scientists" can answers that question. They may have described innumerable features about the car's technical aspects and details, and are coming up with more findings every day. But as yet, they haven't made the slightest advance in understanding the radio-car's manufacture, and thus are no better off than when they first started: Who made the car? How did it come about to move in such a "conscious" manner? These are all still mysteries.

The "scientists" reply by avoiding and disguising these questions. To begin with, they try their best to prevent them from arising in the first place. When questions do come up, they give a very "scientific" explanation: "Maybe we don't have any evidence that holds up right now, but surely answers will be found in the future."

The theory that the car came about by itself is so entrenched and elaborated that by now, it has become the foundation of these scientists' careers. For this reason, they try their hardest to keep the theory credible, whatever the cost. If need be, they'll even resort to deceit and trickery to keep the theory from losing credibility and to stop people from considering other possibilities. But of course, any such dishonesty should be overlooked in the cause of advancing such a "sublime" goal.

These texts are written very cleverly, in that they contain some accurate technical details which have been discovered about the car. With a little imagery and a few plays on words, one gets the impression that it does, in fact, answer the question of how the car came into existence and how it came about to possess its apparent intelligence. And here is the important point: By interspersing all this nonsense about "chance" and "coincidence" with these complicated formulas and calculations about how the car came about, one is left with the impression that the nonsense too is scientific fact. In this way, a false and decaying theory, which has now become an ideology, is established with skilful and artful deceit, and interspersed with some facts that are wholly correct, yet do not bring one any closer to the truth. Moreover, care is taken to choose a tone of the utmost self-confidence and superiority, and which instills trust. In this way, various falsehoods proposed by this theory are taken to have been scientifically proven. Now that the lie has a so-called foundation, it takes only a strong imagination to create unlimited but fantastic scenarios based on it. Meanwhile, the car has already taken its place in the "evolutionary tree," and this amazing object-actually created by a superior engineer-is proclaimed to be the result of a chain of miraculous "coincidences." Of course the car is given a Latinized name, just to further enhance the "scientific" flavor.

We should admit that all the calculations made about the car's movements may in fact be true. However, the logical basis and foundation on which these measurements rest-that is, that the car came into being by itself and that it moves by making intelligent decisions-is faulty from the start. But a large segment of the population is unaware of the fine processes involved. Even the briefest explanations are enough to make believe illogical claims, because they are told by "an esteemed scientist." Of course, this scientist is going to be "smarter" than them and will know more, for which reason, they assume that everything the scientist says is true. Whatever he says and however he thinks must be correct. Different techniques-psychological methods-are used for those with a higher level of education, who recognize the scientific fraud lying beneath the deceit, to make them digest it.

This type of psychological pressure and inculcation, influencing people's subconscious and directing them to a desired way of thinking, is one of the most important aspects of the plan that defends the theory. By adopting and defending the opinions of these so-called "scientists," a person is considered to be up-to-date, knowledgeable, and progressive. If anyone objects to or rejects the theory, he is addressed in quite condescending terms such as unfashionable, fanatical, and backward. Thus, people lacking the courage to risk being stigmatized and slandered in this way are prevented from reacting unfavorably to this theory and becoming a problem. The result is an effective process of indoctrination, consisting of audaciously fabricated lies and deceit and scenarios which are wholly imaginary, endless fantasies and frauds, deception and illusions, socio-psychological methods of subconscious suppression, plus a variety of other methods of brainwashing-all with the appropriate logistical support from the media and academia. And most people do fall under the influence of this indoctrination.

However, anyone with only a little intelligence can free himself from the effects of this spell. To unprejudiced eyes, this pompous "theory" developed to explain how the car moves is nothing but nonsense. Because the car is in the hands of an unseen controller, and is not doing anything other than moving according to the commands given to it. And the way to arrive at this conclusion is not through science, but through intelligent consciousness. As we mentioned before, science can analyze only the movements of the car; and once it has carried out this analysis, its job is done. Science is not a guide, only a means. And the way to understanding that the toy car has no mind of its own, but that a greater mind manifests in the car, is via intelligence and conscience.

And so if people are devoid of these qualities, no matter the number of universities from which they may have graduated, regardless of whether they've reached the pinnacle of their academic careers and have dedicated their lives to science, they can descend to such a comically pitiful state that they cannot perceive such an evidently plain truth. They waste their whole lives in the struggle to find intricate but erroneous explanations for events.

This is similar to a man who remains unaware of the Sun because he never lifts up his head. He then travels his whole life, constructing thousands of incongruous theories to explain why the world is illumined for some hours, and then becomes shrouded in darkness. He will hit on any number of complicated theories, all in accord with his degree of cleverness. To find the source of the light, he will make detailed extraordinary links between the objects found on Earth and everyday processes. But since he doesn't have enough intelligence, he won't be able to witness the existence of the Sun up in the sky and will not be able to perceive such a plain truth.

His situation is not far different to that of someone who doesn't understand that the whole universe in which he lives and all of the components of this universe were created by God and are regulated by Him.

Why cannot these people comprehend such a clear and evident truth?

The secret of this is given to us in the Qur'an: Cleverness is not enough to comprehend the true nature of the universe in which we live; we also need wisdom. Only to the degree that a person possesses true wisdom can he arrive at accurate and firm conclusions as a result of what is transmitted to his intellect and attain to fundamental truths. Intellect is a function of the brain; whereas as is explained in the Qur'an, wisdom is a function of the heart. If a person's heart has become hardened and calloused, he will not be able to understand and therefore, will not succeed in reaching God via the things he sees around him. And because he will not have perceived the purpose of his being created, he will only be in the position of an animal slightly smarter than the other animals. He will continue his life like an animal, a creature that does not think or comprehend. The Qur'an speaks of these people whose hearts have become rusted-that is, who have become bereft of conscience and common sense-with the following words:

Don't such people realize that they will be raised up on a Terrible Day, the Day humanity will stand before the Lord of all the worlds? (Qur'an, 83:4-6)

Woe that Day to the deniers: those who deny the Day of Reckoning. No one denies it except for every evil aggressor. When Our signs are recited to him, he says, "Just myths and legends of the previous peoples!" No indeed! Rather what they have earned has rusted up their hearts. No indeed! Rather that Day they will be veiled from their Lord. (Qur'an, 83:10-15)

He gives wisdom to whoever He wills and he who has been given wisdom has been given great good. But no one pays heed but people of intelligence.
(Qur'an, 2:269)

In short, what we've examined brings the theory of evolution to its knees, unarguably, and proves that the "origin of species" came about through creation.

Yet there is more to this truth than we explained before.

If the cell or any other stage of life were immobile or constant, then we would not be able to advance any further than the point made above. However, when we examine all of the different components of cells-DNA, ribosomes, mitochondria, viruses, enzymes and hormones-they are all highly active and carry out amazing processes very successfully. They seem to possess what we would describe as intention and intelligence , that is, the abilities to think, analyze and make decisions. What's more, this intelligence is much more fascinating than that attributed to human beings. Just the organelle of a cell during protein synthesis displays a level of intelligence that human beings will not easily reach.

But it's not logical to say that this intelligence is actually a property of the cell itself, because the components of the cell that display such apparent knowledge are nothing more than a group of molecules. Given the acts they carry out, they should all be able to think in a sophisticated manner, but they do not actually possess a brain. In fact, they don't have eyes, ears, feelings of touch, or a nervous system. They are really nothing more than just a series of chains of amino acids arranged in a particular order.

But these chemical compounds-which are deprived of seeing, hearing, feeling, thinking and making decisions-display magnificent feats of intelligence.

Thus we need to ask: What is the source of this intelligence?

The Unseen Source of Intelligence

Earlier, we used the example of a remote-control car. The car's apparently conscious maneuvers were really a product of an intelligent person in control of the car, but some narrow-minded people had difficulty understanding this. Because they couldn't see the car's controller, they didn't accept his existence, and so developed various theories to explain the car's "intelligent" movements.

If they were to report about the car, probably they'd write something like this: "This car successfully controls its speed and direction, and carries out functions such as turning corners, avoiding potholes, and following the road in a most ideal manner."

But when considered carefully, this explanation is superficial and very insufficient. The following is more accurate: " Whoever is controlling the car is able to successfully control its speed and direction. Since he does not leave the controls for even one instant, he is able to carry out functions such as turning corners, avoiding potholes, and following the road."

Clearly, both explanations describe the exact same events. However, the first one uses a very simplistic, superficial, and very shallow outlook. The second is written by an observer who perceives the inner reality of the events before him.

The intelligence displayed by the cell or any other component of nature did not come about by itself. All creatures carry out the duties given them by God, and the intelligence they display in these acts is the intelligence of God.

A verse about honeybees shows an important point about this:

Your Lord revealed to the bees: "Build dwellings in the mountains and the trees, and also in the structures which men erect. Then eat from every kind of fruit and travel the paths of your Lord, which have been made easy for you to follow." From inside them comes a drink of varying colors, containing healing for humanity. There is certainly a sign in that for people who reflect. (Qur'an, 16:68-69)

Like the organelles of cells, honeybees also display intelligence in the acts they carry out, such as informing each other of the location of the flowers they have found to make honey, and the way they build their hives. But the source of this intelligence, as explained in the above verse, is that God has inspired the bees. That is, He has imparted them some of His own knowledge, thereby giving them the ability to carry out their complex acts. The resulting intelligence does not belong to the bees, but to God. He is ar-Razzak , the Provider, and through the inspiration He gives to the bees, presents us with the great bounty such as honey.

Obviously this principle does not apply to bees alone, because nature is full of mindless creatures that constantly display intelligence. All of them, from the tiniest insect to the largest organism, act by the inspiration given to them by God, Who has inspired them all with their duties and the knowledge to carry them out. They, in return, have submitted to God and carry out these duties:

Everyone in the heavens and earth belongs to Him. All are submissive to Him. (Qur'an, 30:26)

Another verse tells man:

Don't you see that everyone in the heavens and everyone on the Earth prostrates to God, and the Sun and Moon and stars and the mountains, trees and beasts and many of humanity?... (Qur'an, 22:18)

An Eye that Sees

To understand this topic more clearly, we can use an example from a great Muslim scholar.

Imagine a person watching the sea on a sunny day, from a balcony covered by an awning. Because of the awning, he cannot see the sun, only its reflections on the sea, in the form of millions of tiny sparkles. The sparkles possess a beauty that is, in a word, dazzling.

The person wondering about the source of the beauty in these sparkles has two choices. Either he must assume that each sparkle formed by itself on the water independently of the rest, or accept that each is a reflection of the Sun on the water. Water does not possess the ability to make light. Light only comes from the Sun, and the rays falling over the water form millions of reflections.

Everything in the universe is similar to this example.


The universe, with all of its tiniest detail, was created by God and shaped by His attributes. Everything comes from Him. All of the beauty that we see is just a reflection of His beauty. All of the intelligence that exists is only a manifestation of His intelligence.

God gives life to everything in the universe for a determined period, with His attribute of al-Hayy (the Living). These display a small reflection of God's intelligence, beauty, and knowledge, and then die-again at the time determined by God.

Human beings are like this too. We come from the earth, and live a particular length of time as God has determined, then die and return to the earth. During the short time that we live, we can also reflect some of those attributes of God, as He wills. A human being, who begins as a single fertilized cell in his mother's womb, grows up to possess a face reflecting the great artistry of God, then grows old and is decayed under the earth.

The properties about the cell recounted in this text, and of all the living and inanimate objects in the universe are all manifestations of God's intelligence. A cell, which is in reality nothing more than a speck of protoplasm, comes to possess intelligence, knowledge and consciousness through the will of God. And then, again through the will of God, dies.

Any mind that can perceive will see this. There is nothing in the universe other than manifestations of God. Everything is from Him. Everything indicates Him. Everything describes Him and submits to Him:

God, there is no deity but Him, the Living, the Self-Sustaining. He is not subject to drowsiness or sleep. Everything in the heavens and the Earth belongs to Him. Who can intercede with Him except by His permission? He knows what is before them and what is behind them but they cannot grasp any of His knowledge save what He wills. His Footstool encompasses the heavens and the Earth and their preservation does not tire Him. He is the Most High, the Magnificent. (Qur'an, 2:255)



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