Quran and Science
The Quran leads the way to science since 1400 years.

Magnificence Everywhere
Are you aware of the magnificence in the world?

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Peace In The Middle East
Islam Denounces

We offer definitive
solutions to the question
of Palestine, this is also
a call to the Israelis,
who are from the People
of the Book.


Human beings have been human since the day they came into existence, and have possessed a fully elevated culture from that day to this.

Biomimetics, which means the imitation of living things in nature, presents a major setback for those scientists who still support the theory of evolution.

True Life Begins With Death

Death,Resurrection and Hell: Before it is too late, have true faith in God. Spend your life in doing good deeds to earn His pleasure…


Animals' behaviours are the proofs of Allah's perfect creation.
Nature and Technology

Matter and The Universe

An Index to the Quran
  The Day of Judgement : The beginning of the eternal life in the Hereafter...  
  Paradise: To share all beauties and pleasures with all believers, regardless of when they led their earthly existence, is a blessing that can be realized fully only in Paradise.  

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The Signs of The Last Day

Do they then only wait for the Hour,- that it should come on them of a sudden? But already have come some tokens thereof, and when it (actually) is on them, how can they benefit then by their admonition?
(Muhammad Surah, 18)

Lives of the Prophets
Peygamberler Tarihi Hakkında Geniş Bilgi
1-Jesus Will Return
2- The Prophet Muhammad
3- The Prophet Musa
4- The Prophet Yusuf

Creation of the Plants

Plants, which have a most important role in the world's ecological balance and, indeed,in the continuation of life, possess a relatively more effective reproductive system than other living creatures.


The Secrets of DNA
The Miracle in the Atom
The Miracle of Hormones
The Miracle of Design in the Cell
The Miracle of the Immune System

Living Fossils

This site,has been prepared in order to put an end to the mentality that causes fossils, that represent a complete response to Darwinism, to be hidden away.

The Truths of The Life
The Life Of This World
The Lure Of Wordly Goods
Natural Hazards Of Disasters
Past Civilizations

Evolution Deceit
We will consider the invidality of the theory of evolution in this part and answer all questions which is common in society at more general level.
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